Western Dresses Suitable For Office

By Dress To Express
Western Dresses Suitable For Office

There is something about western wear that makes one feel like they’re in the zone of work. Agree? The look itself feels as if you mean business!

As we get ready to take on the world of work, formal wear feels like the cape to our superwoman! The same way Superman feels with his cape. 

So why not dawn stylish capes of good hope as you get ready to tackle the world.

Let’s look at variety of options that the Indian market consists of when it comes to formal wear for women. Our choices have been picked up from the best in the business, so you can trust us and buy the best dresses for women



Stripe Shirts For Women

Stripe is a vibe! 

Be it a top or a dress, stripes have got a natural formal vibe. So why not make the most of it by dawning on the print that’s evergreen in office, but with a stylish twist. Pick up unique styles for the sleeves, cuts and flares make all the difference. 

Not So Pink combines the twist of a boat neck to flatter you with a boat neck dress, that’s sure to command attention in office. They’d be looking at the dress, but be noticing you and your personality!


Off-White Boat Neck Stripe Dress For Women

Another option is this refreshing shirt


Shirt For Women



Indo-Western Dresses For Women

The new trend in town are the western dresses that combine the best of Indian and Western both to create a look that’s part traditional etnic vibe along with being formal and subtle. There are a lot of fabrics that are rooted in ethnicity.

The Not So Pink Brand says that women are not ‘ so pink in the sense that women are not typically what the world perceives of them. However we get it if you love pink, and we are all for it. The subtly pink-all-over dress is the answer to our official code-of-fashion goals!

Grab it by clicking here:https://www.notsopink.com/product/pink-all-over-print-ikat-dress

Western Dresses For Women Online

When you enter your office through the revolving door wearing the slit dress with the shoulder keyhole cutout, all eyes at work will be on you. This easy-care dress, made of fabrics that are suitable for the season, will highlight your personality and give you the spotlight you deserve at the regular workplace party. ARRIVING SOON!



3. Blazer 

Formal Blazer For Women

Blazer is the colour of the year and how about adding the peppiness that the colour brings to the office boardroom with your personality and a powerful Blazer

Dawn on the blazer and you’re ready to seize the room as they speak volumes about power! Own the look with your confidence. Present the ideas and your thoughts in a manner that gets all the nods of approval!


Happy Shopping!