Not So Pink Story

For the fearless, focussed, and expressive Indian woman of today, Not So Pink is a fashionable western workwear brand that delivers contemporary yet comfortable apparel for the Indian body type, for her to be the most confident, bold, and classy version of herself.

Backed by thorough research on the Indian body type, Not So Pink has redefined the size chart for women's workwear. The brand has achieved this by keeping in mind the most common body types in India. This, combined with the right set of silhouettes and in-trend designs have led the brand to create stylish & chic workwear that suits the Indian woman of today just right.


For The Bold & Confident Indian Working Woman

The Indian working woman of today expertly takes on the many challenges thrown her way. She's fearless, shes determined, and she's focussed! Her relentless personality is a source of inspiration for many who aspire to be like her. So it's imperative for a personality like hers to don an equally expressive workwear brand. Easy to say, hard to find. That's been the story in her case. With all the options available to her, not a single brand could win her over. Because what she wanted was a brand that spoke directly to her, understanding what she stands for, and most importantly, a brand solely catering to her body type!


Inspiring The Fearless Indian Woman To Embrace Her True Self With Workwear Made Exclusively For Her Body Type

Along came Not So Pink, a fashionable workwear brand made exclusively for the bold & confident Indian working woman. Why 'Not So Pink'? You might ask. Pink has long been stereotyped as the go-to colour for all things feminine. Be it the colour of her bedroom walls or the next dress she's looking to buy. Society associates this colour with just about anything and everything in her life, including her personality, often described as "girlish", "soft", "overly emotional", and "lacking real ambition". However, she's anything but defined by this colour. Her personality is far beyond preconceived notions and age-old stereotypes. As a matter of fact, with all her achievements, goals, and aspirations, she's anything but the colour pink!

Fashionable Workwear Brand


She's a go-getter who'll settle for nothing but the best


Everything she does, she does it in her own unique style. It's probably why so many people look up to her


She's on her way to the very top, and to complement her confident, self-assured, and optimistic personality, needs to be a brand that's as fearless and relentless as her


She loves expressing herself at the workplace and beyond

Our Founders

Our founders Mrs Purvi Rohit Pugalia & Mr Rohit Mohan Pugalia are serial entrepreneurs, having launched and successfully running multiple ventures across various sectors. These include the likes of premium granola brand Munchilicious, India's most unique, innovative and interesting shopping destination This Or That & health food brand The Rooted Co, among others.

While creating Not So Pink, our founders were observant of a crucial consumer pain point, i.e. lack of a women's workwear brand that made apparels exclusively for the Indian body type. So they created a brand which offered something the Indian working woman of today had always been looking for!

Not So Pink Founders

Our Team

All things said and done, what separates a successful venture from an unsuccessful one is the team working on it.

We've been fortunate to have these aces up our sleeve who have made the brand what it is today.

Not So Pink Team
Hemal Shah
General Manager

Retail Planning

Not So Pink Team Member
Abhishek Rade


Not So Pink Designer
Pratik Chavan