Ways To Simplify The Life Of A Determined Woman

By NSP Way Of Life
Ways To Simplify The Life Of A Determined Woman

When you think of a woman, there is nothing in the world that you know she cannot do because if she’s determined, she will be successful at any task she takes up. An ideal life varies from woman to woman. Some want to have it all - from a successful career, family life, work-life balance, close circle of friends, good social life and a satisfying holiday. But how can a determined Indian woman have a perfect work-life balance? Here are a few tips for you to find that balance and lead an amazing stress-free life.

1. Plan Your Meals 

Plan Your Meals

Always pre-plan your meals for the week on the weekend so you don’t have to stress about what you need to cook. If you are looking for quick healthy breakfast options, check out Munchilicious Granola.

2. Make A Smart Outfit Choice

Make A Smart Outfit Choice

You must always be well-dressed as your ensemble gives you a confidence boost. Not just that, one must always be prepared for that last-minute meeting, or meeting an important person and for impromptu plans. So it is crucial to make a smart choice while you shop for your outfits, so you can put together an outfit in the morning real quick. Not So Pink has some hassle-free, comfortable, classy and bold options for the determined you. Sometimes you might have to attend a school meeting in the morning and then head to work; you can wear a pleated collar shirt for that day! Or, you can wear a smart dress for the school meeting and you can accessorise it with a detachable collar for work. At Not So Pink, we have the best collar design for your outfits. And a collar for women looks very smart. 

3. Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t procrastinate

Make a to-do for the day, and cross the completed tasks on the go. Don’t drag the task for the next day if you know that you will be able to finish it today. This way you will not add burden to your next day. 

4. Be In The Present

Be In The Present

When at home, let your mind and body be at home. Don’t carry work home. And when at work, don’t stress about the chores you need to do later that evening.

5. Me Time

Me Time

Living the life of a determined woman can be pretty exhausting and there is always a fear of being burnt out. To avoid that, make sure you take out an hour daily for yourself! During that time, do anything that you love - read a book, take a long shower, go shopping, exercise, dance, take a class, or anything that you love! Because investing in yourself is extremely important. 

6. Celebrate Your Wins

Celebrate your wins

Being a determined woman is great but sometimes it is absolutely important to take a pause and celebrate your wins. This way you will stay motivated. Your relentless personality is a source of inspiration for many who aspire to be like you. So it's imperative that you, the impressive quintessential Indian working woman of today dons an equally expressive workwear brand. We, at Not So Pink, love determined women and we are redefining workwear for Indian women. Check out our entire collection from the comfort of your home at Not So Pink.