Virtual Interview? Ace Your Look With These Tips

By Ace The Workplace
Virtual Interview? Ace Your Look With These Tips

Workplaces across the globe were quick to adapt to the changes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Overnight, companies moved from working at offices to working at home. Face-to-face meetings were now virtual meetings. Another significant thing that changed during the work from home scenario is the way people dressed up. People soon ditched formal wear to comfortable loungewear unless they had a meeting over video. Recruiters adapted to virtual screenings soon enough as well. Even before virtual interviews came into play, people were always stressed about the interview process because they wanted to ace that interview. This just becomes more difficult virtually. If you’re up for an interview soon, then you’ve landed on the right page! Here are a few tips on how to dress for your next virtual interview.

1. Treat It Like A Face-to-face Interview 

Treat It Like A Face-to-face Interview

The first rule of thumb is to take your interview as seriously as a face-to-face interview. Even though the interviewer can only see the upper half, pick out an outfit that you would normally wear to a face-to-face interview. Ensure that the outfit is perfectly steamed/ironed. Being dressed for the occasion will make you feel more confident. This would also create a good first impression to the interviewer that you did not just show up in your loungewear but took the effort to dress. It shows that you have taken the first step towards taking the interview seriously. 

2. What To Wear 

What To Wear for Virtual Interview

What to wear for your interview also depends on your industry. Most of the workplaces today have accepted a semi-formal approach. However, it is best to dress up not so casually for your interview. A classic combination would be a formal shirt with trousers. A button down formal shirt for women with a skirt/trouser, or a nice solid colour top with a skirt/trouser, and a formal dress are some of the options for your interview. If you’re interviewed for a top management position, you can pair a formal shirt for women with a blazer and skirt. We are sure you will be a boss lady at that interview. Formal shirts for women have significantly evolved over the years. Today, women have better choices to pair their trousers or skirts with. But stepping out to shop for an interview is not what we are suggesting. We are bringing it to your door. Browse through formal shirts for women at Not So Pink for your next interview. 

3. Neutral Colours > Large Prints

Neutral Colours and Large Prints

As this is a virtual setting, it is important to wear colours that match the vibe of the interview. Especially when you are at home, wearing black, white or grey or any pastel colours shirts would blend well with the background. If you have a white wall at your home, then you can wear a plain but soothing colour formal shirt or even a printed one. Let the outfit speak about your personality. If you’re looking for a top/shirt to express your personality, browse the formal shirts collection at Not So Pink. 

4. Minimal Accessories 

Minimal Accessories for Virtual Interview

While creating an ensemble for your virtual interview, always remember to tone down your accessories to minimal. You can wear a small earring or a watch/bracelet to complete your look. Wondering if you should put on some makeup? You can, but make sure it is light and very subtle. 

If you’re looking for shirts for women online, head over to Not So Pink and we are sure you’ll find an outfit that will suit your personality. We hope these Not So Typical tips will help you ace your next virtual interview.