Understanding The Indian Body Type

By NSP Way Of Life
Understanding The Indian Body Type

The mantra ‘one size fits all’ is an old-school norm and falls flat when there is a whole rack to get lost in. Mapping clothes and tweaking them in a way that they suit your body enhances your silhouette. Especially as an Indian woman, the outfit‘s suitability largely depends upon its fitting. 

That is because the Indian female bodies are distinct. Therefore it’s about time they let go of the traditional size chart and discover apparels, whether they’re formal outfits or casual, that compliment their personalities. 

Now that you know about your closet calling out for attires that best go with your body type, it is time we talk about different Indian body types in detail. To begin with, remember, it has nothing to do with how much you weigh but is largely dependent on your bone structure and genetics. 

Don’t know which body type you fall into? Let us help you identify.

How To Know Your Body Type

1. Hourglass

Just as the name suggests, these are voluptuous women where the shoulder and waist are proportionate, with a cinched waist. This body type is defined by curves and it is time to embrace them.

Hourglass Body Type

Quick tip to dress your best: A body that is blessed with balanced curves needs a bit of flaunting. Accentuate your waist, avoid low-rise styles and you will easily slay your look. 

2. Apple

A body type that is characterised by the bust and shoulders being larger than the hips is how this shape is described. The waist is semi-defined and along with shorter necks and longer legs. 

Apple Body Type

Quick tip to dress your best: Look for pieces that tastefully accentuate your shoulders, bust and neckline. Make jackets your best friend for they add structure and shape to the upper body, and choose straight or slim-fit pants.

3. Vase

This body type seems more elongated and less curvy. It is the favourite of most fashion designers, for they are blessed with slim thighs and legs teamed with an ample bust and hips. They also have a gradually curving longer waist.

Vase Body Type

Quick tip to dress your best: Opt for broad necklines to show off your collarbone. Accessorising the look with a pair of pointed shoes only adds further to the charisma.

4. Lollipop

If you have got a lollipop body shape, then you have ample bust and a slim waist flowing down to long legs. Also commonly known as the inverted triangle shape, in our opinion, this body type needs less to no extra effort to look dazzling. Can you get luckier?

Lollipop Body Type

Quick tip to dress your best: Deep and scoop necklines are best when it comes to enhancing your assets. Fluted skirts and flared or bell-bottom trousers are an absolute hit, especially when paired with slim high heels.

5. Goblet

Goblet is the one with all the classic tomboy features. It is where broad shoulders, a wide back and not much of a waist come together. But do not be fooled and consider yourself any less feminine for the amazing long legs and blessed chest will take away the trophy for an alluring figure.

Goblet Body Type

Quick tip to dress your best: The wide-set straps are ideal as they help narrow the shoulders. Besides, let the slim jeans dominate the lower part and help you show off those long legs.

6. Pear

Characterised by large hips that outrun the bust and shoulders, usually, a pear-shaped body sees proportionately slim arms and shoulders. This is also called the triangular body shape. 

Pear Body Type

Quick tip to dress your best: Go for the quintessential waist-defining tops along with high-waisted jeans. You can also pick A-liner dresses that best bring out your body shape.

All bodies deserve to be celebrated, and understanding your body type and its ideal fit is just the first step. With this detailed piece on Indian body types, you are all set to flaunt your Indian-ness and unique body type. 

Just remember, in the end, it is all about embracing yourself and feeling confident in your own skin.

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