Tips To Make Women's Workwear Trousers Last Longer

By Dress To Express
Tips To Make Women's Workwear Trousers Last Longer

Don’t you wish that your trousers would last longer? While you cannot make your trousers or any clothing item last forever,  a few tips will definitely extend their lifespan. The added advantage of this is that it will save you money and also make you environmentally conscious. 

1. Quality > Quantity 

Quality trousers for women

If you opt for fast fashion, the chances of the trousers running their course are faster. But this is not what you want with your formal trousers, right? When you shop for women’s work trousers or any item of clothing, always prioritise quality over quantity. Because in the long run, this will be more cost-effective. Check out Trousers for women at Not So Pink where quality and fit are given utmost importance.  

2. Wear More, Wash Less

Wear More, Wash Less

Do you dump your trousers in the laundry bag after you have worn them just once? Stop doing that right now! Trousers and denim are made for multiple wears and overwashing them accelerates fading and damages the fibre of the fabric. You can wear your trousers 3-5 times before you put them for a wash. You can also hang it in the bathroom while you shower and the steam will make it feel like it’s fresh out of the laundry. 

3. Machine Wash Over Dry Cleaning 

Machine Wash Over Dry Cleaning

Are you in the habit of giving your clothes for Dry cleaning, especially your workwear? It’s time to rethink that. Dry cleaning involves a lot of chemicals which are not just terrible for your trousers but are bad for the environment too. However, most of the trousers for women are designed for machine wash. Another tip? Use cold water and avoid fabric softeners for your trousers. At Not So Pink, Trousers for women are designed for machine wash with the use of standard detergent. Always read the care instructions for your trousers and this will help extend the lifespan. 

4. Air Dry Your Trousers

Air Dry Your Trousers

The dryer reduces the strength of your trousers. So it’s always advisable to air dry or line dry or dry your trousers on a drying rack. This will extend the life of your trousers. Sometimes, it is good to give your trousers a break after washing, instead of repeatedly wearing the same trousers as it gives time to relax and regain shape. 

5. Store Them Well

Store Them Well

Always hang your trousers in good quality, sturdy wooden hangers and never on a wire. You should also avoid storing your trousers in a plastic garment bag as it can create a humid atmosphere. If you don’t have a provision to hang your trousers, you can also store them in cloth bags. Make sure your wardrobe is well-ventilated, if not, your trousers can get damp, which might result in them getting smelly. Avoid direct sunlight to your wardrobe as this can fade your clothes. 

With the above tips, you can enjoy your favourite trouser for many years and also make your wardrobe more sustainable. At Not So Pink, we have Trousers for women that are perfect for everyday workwear and with proper care, we assure that you wear our trousers for years.