Stereotypes Successful Women Are Breaking

By NSP Way Of Life
Stereotypes Successful Women Are Breaking

As the world is paving its way toward modernization, gender roles are taking a back seat. No more women are confined to homes. They are breaking the glass ceiling and rising up on the success ladder. Women are breaking societal barriers and disparities and challenging every stereotype there is. And most importantly the ones related to western workwear.  

They are breaking all the odds when it comes to donning professional attires and are matching shoulder-to-shoulder with men in the business world.

 Not So Pink highlights all fashion stereotypes that successful women are relentlessly breaking.

 Stereotypes Successful Women Are Breaking

 1. Colours Associated With Gender

 Girls in pink and boys in blue. This dated notion is deeply embedded in the fabric of society. But as time evolves, fashion does too and women are proudly donning all colours that are popularly ‘manly’. From blacks to blues and steel greys and taupe that were largely seen in the male-influenced spaces are now seen resting on women. They are being their true, nuanced selves and allowing their fashionista self to live to its full potential.

 2.  Beauty Stereotypes

A slim body is a perfect body and fair skin wins all trophies- these ideologies still dictate the human mindset. For the longest, these thoughts have made the basis for marketing gimmicks and women have become conditioned to believe these unrealistic standards of beauty. However, today many success stories come from women who do follow this gold standard for being beautiful. These women love their distinct body features and embrace their uniqueness.

3.  Power Dressing For Women

Skirts for women and suits for men are no more the norm. Women have widened their sartorial horizons and unisex clothing is getting increasingly common today. Pantsuits are effortlessly carried by successful women who dominate the boardroom with their successful aura.

 4.  Bold Lipsticks Are For The Indecent Women

Many stereotypes on red and bold coloured lips continue to survive even today. Especially when it comes to a professional situation. Red lips are inappropriate and ‘inviting’, however, today more and more women are seeing it as a power move. They have been reclaiming the shade and wearing it to reflect their strength, passion and determination.

 5.  To Heel Or Not To Heel

Stilettos and heels are broadly associated with feminine style for decades. However, successful women are breaking this stereotype too and stepping in shoes that were ideally fit for a man’s foot. From dress shoes to loafers, oxfords, Chelsea boots and combat boots, women wear what women like to work and slay their workwear.

 In a country peppered with gender stereotypes, there are some successful women who are breaking fashion stereotypes and making their mark on the world. Not So Pink supports all these strong-headed females and takes inspiration from them to design a range of office wear for women. If you too wish to pose stiff competition to your male counterparts at work, visit our website now.

 Go, glam up!