Stay Fashion Conscious - How to be Updated With the Lastest Trends

By Ace The Workplace
Stay Fashion Conscious - How to be Updated With the Lastest Trends

Have you ever gone out and wondered how suddenly everyone seems to have changed the way they dress? These things happen seemingly overnight and can leave a person confused. 

The FOMO you feel isn’t just you. We all feel it from time to time, but if you want to be on top of your own fashion game and also stay ahead of the tide, then we have you covered. 

Just having a strong sense of style is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it’s not enough. Especially when the current trends aren’t on the same level as you. In this article, we will tell you why being fashion-forward can be a good thing for you and even equip you with tools to help you pick out everything from a casual top to formal office wear for women with the know-how of a stylist. 

Why is being fashion-conscious important? 

It may sound like we’re digging our own grave, but the simple answer is NO. Well, it is, and it isn’t depending on your taste and sensibilities. 

Let us make it a bit more clear since many of you might be scratching your head in confusion at this point. 

When it comes to fashion, depending on what field you’re in, what your friend circle is like or even how you want to present yourself to the world; staying fashion-conscious pays off. 

Picture this - you have a formal business-related event where making a good first impression would really pay off, but you look at your wardrobe, and all you see is a dusty skirt and top in the back. At this point, you panic and decide to go on a last-minute shopping spree. That should do it! Right? 

Well, not so fast, maybe. You make it to the mall and find yourself in the formals for women section. What now? All you see are options, and the more you see, the more it seems to confuse you. 

These situations can be avoided by knowing the right pages to follow, and being on top of your fashion game goes a long way. By staying updated about fashion, you can always be sure to put your best foot forward. By doing so, Not So Pink trousers can enhance your confidence at the workplace and otherwise.

That’s right! Apart from knowing what blouses and tops to buy from Not So Pink, being fashion-friendly gives you a sense of confidence when you go into the world. You can carry yourself with a sense of pride, and these things should not be taken for granted. 

When is it important to choose comfort & functionality over fashion trends?

In more informal situations or while straight-up relaxing, being comfortable comes first. For example, a sunny beachy vacation may call for the need for comfort over fashion. A trip to a colder climate region may call for more sensible clothing over staying fashionable.

Sports require more functionality than being in vogue. Occasions, where it is inappropriate to wear loud clothing, might mean you have to tone down the fashionista in you.

Sadly, not all occasions require the best dressed, formal tops and trousers from Not So Pink. But if you're an entrepreneur hustling to make your start-up grow into a unicorn, a lawyer attempting to make a court-eous entrance, a marketer trying to 'ad' an extra bit of oomph to the workplace or a teacher seeking a polished welcome, our range of Fashion Formals for Women will help you stay in the fashion game all year round.

You now know when fashion comes in handy and when it is best to make a sensible decision regarding what you wear.

Let us give you a few examples of Web pages and social media handles you can take guidance from:-

1) Masoom Minawala 

Masoom Minawala

Masoom is one of the more business-savvy social media personalities of our time. She’s her own boss, a CEO, blogger, media personality and an investor, to name a few things. A great source when it comes to knowing the best dresses for women. Following her will definitely help you learn more about fashion and maybe a little more than fashion as well.

2) Santoshi Shetty - 

Santoshi Shetty

A household name when it comes to online personalities on the cutting edge of fashion. A bonus of following Santoshi is that some of her confidence and discipline might also rub off on you. Some great workout tips to be found here as well so that you can look your best anywhere you go.

3) Komal Pandey - 

Komal Pandey

If snackable reels are your preferred way to consume content, then be prepared to have your hands full with this one. The entertainment and production value of some of her videos is also something you have to look forward to. After a stroll on her feed, you will surely know what skirts for women and formal trousers for women you need to pick from Not So Pink.

4) The Voice of Fashion - 

The Voice of Fashion

Unlike the rest of our list, this is a one-stop content shop for everything fashion, and we mean everything. It also helps with the global perspective on fashion. If you see it here, you can bet it is good information; information you can use the next time you’re looking for that perfect formal top for women online.

5) Anaita Shroff - 

Anaita Shroff

Any fashion-related list would be incomplete without Anaita Shroff. A pioneer in the Indian fashion scene who is still looked up to by an entire industry. A true legend - we have a lot with respect to fashion and life to learn from her. 

Now that you have the tools, what’s stopping you? Get your fashion A-game on!