Pack Your Suitcase With Not So Pink

By Dress To Express
Pack Your Suitcase With Not So Pink

Leaving for a work trip? Excited to go but also dread packing just like all of us? What if it was as easy as, “Hey Alexa, pack my suitcase!”? We all wish we could pack in a jiffy, but hey, we got to do what we got to do! Wait a minute though, who said we can’t make a mundane task like packing office wear for women more fun? Let’s pack your suitcase with Not So Pink in just 5 easy & quick steps!

Step 1 - Choose your basics

We’re pretty sure by now we all know our basics; the essential pieces in our wardrobe we just cannot do without! First things first - the white shirt - an extreme basic formal wear for women. If your white shirt is not so white anymore or has withered in quality after only 5 washes, it’s time to replace it with the White Solid Dobby Slim Fit Shirt. It's fashion formals you can own with pride, and don from day to night, for a meeting or lunch, it’s sure to give your basic look a hint of fun! And get your hands on your favourite trousers that spell comfort: whether you’re at your desk or running to grab your midday coffee, these pants make you feel at ease, just like the Navy Blue Straight Fit Trouser, which is like the most essential formal wear for women. Next, drop that dress, into your bag, of course! Fashion formals for women are done best with a basic yet statement dress, you know, that one dress which makes you feel like you own the world? Just like the Navy Blue Pinstripe Dress that serves style with power!

Step 2 - Don’t forget your accessories 

Now that we’ve put in our not-so-basics, how do we set ourselves apart from the rest? Yes, you got that right, with accessories! Office wear for women is one easy thing, but the horror of twinning with your colleague at an important meeting can be cut off if you build your outfit right! Accessorising, in general, isn’t as difficult or hectic as it sounds. A couple of pieces can take your fashion formal look from 0-100 in less than a minute! Add that Black Box Pleat Tie Up Collar from Not So Pink to your dress or place the Dark Grey Printed Bow Tie on your shirt, and voila, it’s a power move you didn’t know you could play! You'll be calling 'check mate' all night long with versatile accessories on your side. Slay your look with the Blue Stone Moon Shape Cufflink that can give any of your outfits a completely different vibe! After all, it's our vibe that attracts our tribe.

Step 3 - Mix and match

Formal wear for women can definitely be made more interesting just by pairing your separates in multiple ways! Let’s make use of all those hours we spent scrolling on the Gram, looking at fashion reels searching for 'ideas to style 1 piece in different ways'. We would generally pair a basic blouse with a skirt or trousers, but when we’re restricted to live out of a suitcase, we need to be proactive! Take the Red Front Pocket Shacket and throw it over the Blue Flare Embroidered Dress for a dinner with colleagues, and button it up over the Navy Blue Box Pleat Skirt the next day for a meeting with the clients! Enhance every look by mixing up colours and accessories too. Office wear for women does not have to be boring as it sounds - mix it up a little and play a little while you work your way to the top.

Step 4 - Pack for occasions

A great tip to pack compact and yet have everything in place is to jot down your itinerary! Note down where and what you have to do over the trip, form outfit ideas and then pack accordingly! Wear your easy, off-duty essentials with a jacket for the journey, and pack a quick change of fashion formals for the meeting you have to attend after you reach. And throw on a fun piece like the Light Green Flared Neck Dress for the unwinding meal at night. Have a boardroom meeting right after the team briefing breakfast the next morning? Decide on mixing and matching two or three pieces from the essentials you have packed, with some power accessories, of course! For your free afternoon later, break into a new outfit you’ve been waiting to wear - we especially love the Magenta Keyhole Neck Top worn over the Mustard Petal Skirt for a little ‘discover the new city by yourself’ time! Trust us, this tip of listing outfits according to your schedule, will prove to be a game-changer!

Step 5 - Sit back and relax!

Well, that was easy! No last minute additions, no waking up in the middle of the night because you forgot to put your second pair of trousers. No panic attacks on your trip because you don’t know what to wear for the lunch meeting with the new clients! If you pack smart, you’re making the most of your work trip, by saving time and dressing your best! Because why look ordinary when you can wear fashion formals for women that change your game at work and beyond. Confidence comes from comfort and feeling great. If you’re winning at your personal style, it definitely shows because people start speaking your language! What are you waiting for? Go grab all trendy styles made with premium quality fabrics in a plethora of sizes!