Make It Past Your Workday Without Your Period Cramps Coming In The Way

By Dress To Express
Make It Past Your Workday Without Your Period Cramps Coming In The Way

It is that time of the month and you have the most important day at work. You have to maintain a smile even when your ovaries are weeping. You want to lie down in pyjamas all day but the women workwear in your closet calls out to you. Cramps, pimples, heavy flow days and mood swings are your new colleagues for the week and you cannot stop the pain and discomfort from overpowering your mind. Can you imagine this scenario and relate to it a hundred per cent?

The throbbing pains in your lower belly can adversely affect productivity at work. But there are ways in which you can make your period at work more bearable. With a few tricks and tips, you can change the dread into dedication and over win over cramps at work. 

Not So Pink tells you how.

1. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

You experience hormonal fluctuations during periods and the estrogen and progesterone levels drop down. As a result, your body retains as much water as possible and causes you to feel bloated. Furthermore, dehydration during periods causes cramps and your body’s fluid balance may be tampered causing you to feel fatigued and weak. Water helps with blood circulation and makes the heart pump muscles with oxygen and nutrients. Drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water a day when you are on your cycle. 

2. Use Heating Pads

Use Heating Pads

Nothing beats the soothing warmth from a heating pad when the pain of menstrual cramps kicks in. That is because when you apply heat to the lower back and lower abdomen, uterine contractions are relaxed. This means, that the cramps will lower down drastically giving you relief to carry on with your schedule. It may be tough to carry a hot water bag at work and put it to use. But thanks to technology, you can easily paste a self-heating patch on your abdomen which will keep supplying you warmth for 6-8 hours easily. 

3. Exercise


Getting up and moving is the last thing you want to do during your periods. But a little exercise will take your cramps to the exit door. Put the science behind endorphins to use. The brain chemicals that release pleasure-inducing properties can deal with emotional and physical pain, such as period cramps. It also decreases inflammation and improves blood flow. This does not mean you go over the top and beat your body’s capacity like usual days. Indulge in light cardio or gentle yoga and meditation and you will easily cut the work clutter with less to no tummy pain. 

4. Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress at work when you are drowned in files, calls and excel sheets is easier said than done. But stress can easily make the period pain worse. Try prioritising tasks and accomplishing those tasks that give you the feeling of being satisfied and organised. Physical pain may not be in your control, but with mental peace, you can overcome that. You will feel more uplifted as compared to doing tedious, stressful jobs that will further add to your bad mood. 

5. Binge On Healthy Foods

Binge On Healthy Foods

Did you know that there are some superfoods that can offer natural relief for cramps? While your stomach deserves the calories from brownies and french fries in return for the pain it goes through, these foods may do more harm than good. They can cause bloating and inflammation and make the muscle pain and cramps go worse. Binge on anti-inflammatory foods such as berries, oranges, pineapples, green vegetables, almonds and walnuts that promotes blood flow and relaxes your uterus. Moreover, it is common to experience a dip in your iron levels because of the blood loss which can lead to fatigue, dizziness and bodily pain. Pack yourself some healthy meals so your focus can be directed to work and you are pumped with energy throughout the day. 

6. Ditch Coffee For Herbal Teas

Ditch Coffee For Herbal Teas

Caffeine narrows the blood vessels causing the uterus to contract more. This means that coffee may energise you on other days, but on period days it will bring you more cramps. If you rely on it to beat the afternoon slump, go for a decaf or ditch coffee completely for herbal teas. They have antispasmodic compounds and anti-inflammatory properties for reduced muscle spasms. Chamomile, fennel and ginger teas are the best to consume for naturally relieving menstrual cramps. Peppermint tea is another beverage to opt for. The menthol in peppermint oil treats gastrointestinal pain and reduces uterine contractions. 

7. Bring Your Best Attire Out

Bring Your Best Attire Out

Women workwear has all sorts of options under it- right from skirts to dresses and blazers. And on those days of the month, you must pick what you feel the most comfortable in. Dressing up for work on your period is annoying and difficult. So go for trousers that are not too tight on the stomach and opt for stretchy fabric top-wear to take care of the bloating. Darker coloured clothes are preferred to keep the staining stress at bay. Not So Pink has a range of fitted premium formal outfits for women that help you glam up while keeping you cosy. 

Women have to cope with the unpredictability that their period brings and we hope these tips and tricks help all active working women out there. Not So Pink gives you all a shout-out for all the hard work you work despite having your period. 

We know you feel reluctant to move around, work and socialize when you are on your menstrual cycle. And we are doing our bit to provide you with the utmost comfort and care with our intelligently designed formal outfits for women. 

Not only do they give you the needed breathing space, but every piece is style-defined and keeps you hassle-free. So, shop now and get yourself a refined wardrobe filled with comfortable clothing choices, especially for your period days.