Long-Lasting Fabric Life Assured! Here Are Not So Pink’s Quality Check Parameters

By NSP Way Of Life
Long-Lasting Fabric Life Assured! Here Are Not So Pink’s Quality Check Parameters

There are many pieces to the puzzle for the best business practices. And one important piece of this jigsaw is delivering a high-quality and reliable finished product. When it comes to women workwear, Not So Pink always strives to improve the process of evaluating and assessing products. This is done to ascertain that the desired level of quality is met. 

To secure the success of labels under the range of formal wear for women, the garment experts perform stringent quality checks. Here are some parameters considered by them before enlisting the product for sale. 

1. Seam Slippage For Woven Fabric

Seam Slippage For Woven Fabric

 This is a test method to determine the resistance of yarns to slippage. When the yarns slide together, the appearance and performance of the garment gets affected. Each woven garment is checked for seam slippage with special attention given to stitch count and seam selection. 

2. Dimensional Stability To Washing

Dimensional Stability to Washing

 Poor dimensional stability of fabrics makes the garment flimsy and short-lived. It is a critical performance characteristic for determining the quality of office wear for women. Often fabrics see shrinkage during automatic laundering procedures. Not So Pink assess this dimensional stability ratio after hand washing, Machine washing or dry-cleaning and promotes pieces that resist shrinkage or stretching of garments. 

3. Colour Fastness

Colour Fastness

 Every piece is examined for their ability to retain the shape, depth and migration of colour to another fabric throughout the wear life. Factors such as laundering or dry-cleaning, perspiration or exposure to the sun are considered and colour fastness testing standards make sure that each fabric stays fresh and vibrant even after many uses.

4. Button Pull Strength

Button Pull Strength

 The buttons on garments are also subjected to testing. This pull test is mandatory for any type of garment product sold on Not So Pink’s portal. They are checked to stay intact and secured without unfastening, damage or breakage. If any item fails, then they are separated as a reject. 

5. Tear Strength

Tear Strength

All the pieces are checked for its material capacity to withstand the effects of tearing or cuts. It is done so that even if there are punctures in the fabrics later after use, they will not propagate easily.  The tear strength test is conducted in compliance with international regulations on fibre content, flammability, care labeling and many more aspects. With this test, the buyers are reassured that the supply is top-notch. 

Making use of the emerging technology, Not So Pink runs thorough quality checks to meet the desired level of satisfaction for all customers. You can see their wide range of women formals and make your purchases online here. 

Be rest assured when it comes to seam strength, stitching and fit because at Not So Pink, every piece of clothing is surely a hit!