Importance Of Finding The Right Fit When It Comes To Women’s Workwear

By Dress To Express
Importance Of Finding The Right Fit When It Comes To Women’s Workwear

A carefully curated attire falls flat if the elements don’t fit. The label, material and price tag, no matter how fancy it is, it will not matter if the outfit looks like it was drawn out of your old man’s closet. The phrase ‘dress for success’ must be taken seriously, especially at workplaces. And in our view, it largely stands for clothes that are tailored to a perfect fit.

Not only does your workwear reflect upon your image but also the organisation you represent. Apparel that’s too tight or too loose may make you look sleazy and sloppy. With the right attire and the way it hugs your body, you will never have to try too hard to impress. 

What Do You Mean By A Good Fit?

These are formal outfits for women that offer a good fit, conform to your body’s shape and don’t  add bulk to your frame. They also give you space to move freely . Most of us purchase off-the-rack clothing and pay little to no attention to their details and fit. But it is crucial to assess your body shape and alter clothes to suit you better. 

Good Formal Outfit

As tedious a job as that may sound like, you can actually, quite easily get your hands on women’s workwear that’s just right for you. All you need to know is your body type and what suits your body the best. 

Remember, when you invest in the right fit, you invest in self-presentation. 

Cancel Out The Preconceived Notions

Well-fitted clothes do not mean suffocating yourself in the outfit. It simply means wearing what works for you and what allows you to breathe easy. Your clothing has the potential to communicate and create an image of you in front of your colleagues and business acquaintances. Hence, introduce yourself to modern couture where the body shape, size and form win over the standard clothing sizes. 

Preconceived Notions For Workwear

Most Common Errors When It Comes To Fit

1. Sleeves

Challenge: Some formal wear can be too tight from the shoulder and have sleeves that end halfway down the hand, resulting in an unkempt look.

Fix: Sleeves should end at the wrist so it does not look like you have grown out of your childhood clothing. Find a broader shoulder fit and let the sleeves run right down till the palm. 

Most Common Sleeve Error

2. Pants

Challenge: A formal attire requires sleek bottoms, be it for casual or suited pants. Some fits are too tight, making sitting on a chair through meetings fairly uncomfortable. Besides, there is also no excuse for pants that scrape under your shoes. 

Fix: Opt for a longer inseam and fix the length of your pants. Taper it from the top to hug your thighs and achieve a sleek look. 

Most Common Pant Error

3. Busts

Challenge: Bust issues vary from garment to garment. Women with a larger bust size usually face an issue with a horizontal seam across the front. Women with a smaller bust size usually face the issue of the dress flattening out completely and losing the shape.

Fix: For women who have a larger bust size, try fitting the top where the seam rests below the bust. For women with smaller bust sizes, you can choose to taper the armhole right to the bust and give the dress more shape.

Bust Size Issue

4. Shirt buttons 

Challenge: Many blouses and shirts pull across the chest. The shirt buttons pull or gape causing it to look shabby and revealing.

Fix: Picking up a size larger than what you are donning is the first step to take. Next, to fit it to your body, go for bust darts that provide the correct comfort and fit.

Most Common Button Error

In Conclusion

So, if you slip on office wear for women that fits your body type, top it with splendid shoes, and perhaps a bespoke shirt. It is certain to transform you.

To sum it up, an outfit that has the right fit is surely a hit, and you can find everything that fits you just right when it comes to workwear for women on Not So Pink. So what are you waiting for? Click here to explore our collection of apparels and accessories now!