How To Curate The Perfect Formal Wear For Women In India

By Dress To Express
How To Curate The Perfect Formal Wear For Women In India

Amidst India’s diversity in many arenas, one is in the array of work-appropriate attires for its women. From the classy ethnic outfits to the chic western formals, the options for formal wear for women in India are ceaseless. Tasteful yet trendy dressing at the workplace adds to the oomph and rewards you with confidence. 

Choosing the right kind of attire for the office is a dilemma that you can barely escape. And spending hours staring at your closet is a ritual common to many. However, contrary to popular belief, you do not require a separate wardrobe to be able to dress your best at work. All you need to do is be able to throw in an ensemble that ropes in sartorial elegance effortlessly. And if you wish to up your professional fashion game, Not So Pink brings to you tips on how you can put together a formal look with ease. 

These six steps are sure to help you make a lasting impression in the boardroom.

Step 1: Choose your formal attire

Indian fashion is renowned for its numerous choice options in formal wear. You can choose from either Indian formals such as sarees or salwar suits and kurtis and leggings or opt for western formals that comprise of dresses, shirts and trousers or blouses and skirts. Each of these has a unique appeal and you can alternate between them as you see fit. 

Choose your formal outfit

Step 2: Get the fit

Choosing formal attire goes only that far. The bigger deal is to get the right fit. Altered clothes are a styling wizard you did not know you needed. People are habituated to picking up clothes off the rack and wearing them to work without paying attention to minor fitting details. Every body shape is unique and your clothes must look like they were made for you. Get the tops or Kurtis altered to suit your body type and the bottoms tailored to give you a clean, trim look. 

Get the fit

Step 3: Pick your colours

Choosing the right colours to suit your workspace will take your professional personality a notch higher. Go for shades that are restful on the eyes like pastels and powdered tints, blacks and beiges and blues and browns. A few solid and bold colours can make a great fashion statement too, if you can carry them off effortlessly.

Pick your colours

Step 4: Match your shoes

No formal outfit for women is complete without the right pair of shoes to go with it. However, a common conundrum is to choose what goes with the outfit the best. Stilettos or pointed heels are a corporate favourite and look classy when paired with slim trousers and a blouse. Whereas if you are sporting an Indian formal attire, then platform heels or strappy sandals are a job well done. 

Match your shoes

Step 5: Amp it up with accessories 

The right kind of accessories can add some extra dimension to your workwear. It is the ideal personality-enhancer. However, an unsaid rule with jewellery is that a little goes a long way. Go for classic studs and solitaires and the neckpieces be dainty. Strap a modish watch and a bracelet and you are set to rule the corporate glam look. 

Women Accessories

Step 6: Compliment with a bag

A huge part of power dressing has to do with the bag you carry. They speak for themselves when it comes to making a style statement. A bag that compliments office wear for women must be sophisticated and roomy enough for files or a notepad. A tote bag is ideal as it sets a serious tone, followed by a satchel or a structured boxy bag. Briefcase bags too can help if you wish to exude classiness. 

Compliment with bag
It is always said that men have it easy at dressing. But with this extensive guide on formal outfits for women, we hope we have made it easier for the Indian women to look par excellence as well. 

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