Fashion is All About Dressing for the Occasion

By Dress To Express
Fashion is All About Dressing for the Occasion

When it comes to fashion, people may have a very narrow view of it. This is because fashion either goes as far as the latest trend like fanny packs that are hot in the market again or the little black dress that never really went out of fashion. But, is this all there is to fashion? 

Some don't think of it any more than what their favourite influencers are wearing and promoting - but believe us when we say it's much more than what meets the eye. Is fashion simply the latest trend which is exhausted until the season lasts, or is there more to it? There is definitely more to it because it's ever-evolving while staying true to its foundation in many ways.

If you’ve been reading our blogs, you may have a fairly good idea of what our answer is going to be with respect to defining fashion. To us, fashion is not just the latest trend but in fact, a part of life which can be utilised to blend into a formal event or even casual occasions. We see fashion as an undeniable part of who we are and what we want to present to the world - some may even call it an extension of us - and they probably wouldn't be wrong. It is about making a lasting impression on the world, which is only possible if we embrace a style of our own.

Although we've come a long way on the subject of women's fashion in the workplace, some of the prejudice women face are tougher to wash off. Slowly but surely, we will get there! And until then we just have to continue doing what we do best - showing up in style and slaying goals with a smile. When at work, accentuating the strong and confident woman inside all of us is pivotal. 

Essentially, fashion is knowing which formal dress for women to pick from Not So Pink for blending into multiple occasions on demanding workdays.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some examples of how this plays out in the real world. 

Fashion For The Occasion

Fashion for the occasion

Coming in your best boardroom attire to an office party may be seen as a sign of being single-dimensional and unable to adapt to the occasion. The work culture takes these things seriously because the ability to adapt, confidence, and nuance in thought exemplifies the qualities which make a woman #NotSoTypical and highlight her as a quintessential employee and an exemplary leader. 

You can choose to wear the Flared Neck Dress by Not So Pink for an evening networking event that creates an effortless fusion of relaxed and formal. On the other hand, you can pick the Solid Flare Sleeve Dress for a more formal event or a Cocktail Meet & Greet that will show everyone who is BOSS.

Fashion For Your Field

Fashion for your field

Depending on what your field is, your ideal fashion may change. 

If you are an event manager or a lawyer that works late into the night and keeps trodding from place to place, you need to wear something that lets you go with the flow even with your tight schedule. You can choose the Balloon Sleeve Shirt that's available in a striking yellow and pair it with the Wide Legged Trousers for that relaxed formal edit. 

If you are an entrepreneur and spend many sleepless nights at the workplace, you need something comfortable enough that won't let you dream of your PJs at the office - you can go with the Front Pocket Shacket from our Business Class Collection.

For a professional in a high paced environment where some amount of movement is required, the Box Pleat Skirt will do complete justice and allow free-flowing activity. A teacher can probably opt for the Tie-up Neck Flare Dress that keeps it formal and highlights a nurturing side.


A lot of fashion diversity has evolved from the needs of the occasion. 

Choosing the right fashion can also mean making an everlasting first impression, besides pulling eyeballs toward you in a room full of people and giving you the comfort you've always dreamt of. So why not make the most of it and make every situation a win-win? Head to Not So Pink and start picking office wear for women that every focused, determined, and high-flying Boss Babe needs in her wardrobe.