5 Offbeat Colour Pairings To Try

By Dress To Express
5 Offbeat Colour Pairings To Try

With so many colours on the wheel, you do not want to live in neutrals, do you? As much as fabric and fit are essential to the perfect outfit ensemble, colours and particularly how you coordinate them decides the success of your look. But how do you decide what colour of top wear would go with your favourite pair of womens work trousers?

It is natural to experience a fashion dilemma when experimenting with new tones. However, Not So Pink lays down a few basic rules of colour theory. Just make a mental note of these colour pairings in order to churn out collections that feel harmonious.

5 Offbeat Colour Pairings To Try

1.     Lavender and Mint

Lavender & Mint Women Clothing

From runway looks to street style, currently in trend is this surprising colour combination of lavender and mint. There are many ways to experiment with these colours, where you could dawn a mint top with lavender bottoms or go with lavender for the whole outfit and compliment it with mint heels. Alternatively, try a lavender jacket with a mint coloured shirt and pair it with formal trousers for women.

2.    Orange and Navy

Orange & Navy Women Clothing

This combination has the perfect balance of muted and bold hues. Most people get intimidated with styling orange but when paired with navy, it looks fresh and modern. Our favourite way of wearing these colours is by choosing an orange dress with a fitted navy blazer and minimal gold accessories.

3.    Dusty Pink and Camel

Dusty & Camel Women Clothing

Earth tones can be bland but when you play around with them, you can turn meh staples into statement-making looks. Camel coats and bags make your appearance look more expensive and when teamed with dusty pink top wear or dress, you are sure to look more refined.

4.    Yellow and Tan

Yellow & Tan Women Clothing

There are many tan-coloured women trousers online that are bought and usually worn with whites, beiges or black shirts and tops. However, have you ever considered replacing it with a yellow? A tan skirt can be paired well with yellows, orange shades and neutrals. It gives one a feminine and soft look. If wearing bright colours is not your thing, then this colour combination works perfectly for you. It is subtle and yet makes you stand out.

5.    Salmon and Sky Blue

Salmon & Sky Blue Women Clothing

Pink and blue is the classic combination and yet people have not explored it as much. The salmon tone is highly elevated when paired with sky or powder blue and can really smarten up a casual look. It is an easy look to achieve given that these colours are usually a part of every lady’s wardrobe.

Paring different tones can result in a unique outfit that looks striking. It could be mixing the pieces you already own or picking some new ones from our website here to create your unique attire. From fashionable blouses to a variety of ladies trousers, a variety of colour-coordinated looks await you!