5 Midweek Brunch Options You Need To Try On Your Next Day Off

By Ace The Workplace
5 Midweek Brunch Options You Need To Try On Your Next Day Off

What is the best thing that happens to you after a weekend? A midweek day off, right? You quickly start jotting down all the things you want to accomplish in the day, from home chores to socialising. And what better than starting this midweek break day with a delectable brunch time with your girls?

But wait, do you have what it takes to make the most of this opportunity to dress up. Or are you stuck staring at your rack of only office wear for women? If your answer is the latter, do not fret. You can easily turn your workwear into a brunch party. Here’s how! 

1. Oversized Blazer

Oversized Blazer

The effortlessly cool oversized blazer can elevate and add a layer of preppy polish to your outfit. It elicits power at work and style and statement at brunch. It can be thrown over a mini dress or a cropped top for a trendy take. Add a few dainty accessories and let this fun layer steal the spotlight.

2. Pleated Skirts With A Brighter Blouse

Pleated Skirts With A Brighter Blouse
Pleated skirt with neutral-toned shirts ace the formal look. So, to kick things up a notch for your brunch, give it a twist and pair the skirt with a peppy blouse. Choose a brighter formal topwear that enhances the understated look of the skirt. Complete the look with neutral sneakers or sandals and be ready to steal the show.

3. Formal Bottoms With Denim Top Wear

Formal Bottoms With Denim Top Wear
For an elegant but minimalistic look, your perfectly fitted women workwear trousers can be paired with a denim top or jacket. It is a timeless ensemble that will always look good. Choose a plain bucket handbag and sunglasses to go with the look.

4. Co-ord Set

Co-ord Set

Put a cool spin to your classic suit look. Co-ords are great for professional wear and if you pair it with a lace bodysuit underneath instead of a formal blouse, you can be brunch ready instantly. 

5. Style The Dress Casually

Style The Dress Casually

Who said your formal dresses can’t make it to brunch? Ditch the pointed heels and the chic tote for a pair of sneakers and a sling and voila! You will go from corporate to café in no time. You can also wear a lightweight cardigan over your simple slip dress.
We hope that with these tips, your formal office wear can double up for a brunch day. Another tip to easily go from boardroom to brunch is by checking out the range of modern and elegant office wear on Not So Pink. We have everything to inspire you with style and keep you comfortable at both, work and play!