5 Ideas For Improving Work-life Balance And Wellbeing At Work

By NSP Way Of Life
5 Ideas For Improving Work-life Balance And Wellbeing At Work

High-stress levels, challenging targets, excessive computer time, long work hours and a poor work-life balance can all take a physical and mental toll. The parallels between a happy, healthy and productive work culture are undeniable. Hence, embracing wellbeing at work is critical to developing workplace resilience. When you prioritize your health, happiness and job satisfaction, you are likely to be more productive and experience less stress.

There are feasible ways to redesign your work goals to support well-being and yield long-term benefits. It will bring about valuable business outcomes such as improved job performance and lower levels of mental burnout. Not So Pink is a strong supporter of these thoughts and brings to you some ideas for improving work-life balance and wellbeing at work.

5 Ways To Improve Wellbeing At Work

1. Practise Mindfulness

Practise Mindfulness

There are days in everyone’s lives when the job demands exceed human limits. It can be very challenging to focus and keep your calm when you are expected to multitask at work. Practising mindfulness regularly helps to mitigate stress. All it takes is a strong dose of self-discipline. It gives you the ability to be more aware and focus on what you are doing at any given moment. Early morning meditation also helps immensely to deal with nerve-wracking situations throughout the day. Just take some time off, work on your breathing, go for a short walk around your workplace, regroup your thoughts and get back to your work desk. Do not be afraid to unplug for a while and come back with renewed energy. 

2. Work On Your Own Progress

Work On Your Own Progress

Insecurity and anxiety at the workplace is a common stress denominators. Everyone is in a rush to grab promotions and make it big as soon as possible. Amidst this race, it is crucial to focus on your own goals and pave a path to achieve them. Comparing your growth chart with that of others will demotivate you, frustrate you, take you down a never-ending spiral. Remind yourself that you are not a replica of anyone else. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, make a conscious effort to free your mind from comparisons. Create a realistic career development plan with goals and objectives. Celebrate your uniqueness and work toward achieving your set milestones at a comfortable pace. Most importantly, be proud of all your accomplishments, big or small.

3. Dress Your Best

Dress Your Best

You can give your best to work when you feel your best. And dressing professionally at work helps with that. It is important because that is how you present a positive, professional image of yourself to others. Being dressed in stylish yet modest formal wear for women can help you feel empowered and boost your confidence for taking on new challenges. Not all arenas of work can be under control, but how you present yourself and want to be perceived by your subordinates is certainly in your hands. The image you curate for yourself is like your personal brand. It speaks about your goals and your capability to achieve them. 

4. Mid-Day Healthy Breaks

Mid-day Healthy Breaks

Most times you get so engrossed in work while nutrition is kept at bay. You get so consumed with the piles of papers on your desk that you miss the stares from your food box. One of the most important aspects of health and wellbeing at work is maintaining a balanced diet. Too much time spent working without being fuelled up is directly correlated to a loss of productivity and effectiveness. Taking quick breaks may seem like an impossible luxury but your output is sure to fall dramatically if you do not halt to eat. Keep quick and easy-to-consume snacks handy that give you the best of taste and health. You could carry with you healthy treats such as yoghurt, granola and muesli, fruits and nuts, etc. These superfoods benefit you with better concentration, creativity and memory.

5. Communicate With Your Colleagues

Communicate With Your Colleagues

Good communication can lead to better project collaboration and boost teamwork. Besides, a social network is very vital to keep you happy at work too. Sharing your concerns, queries and challenges with a teammate helps you deal with them as they share the same work environment as you. You spend most numbers of your daily hours at work and speaking up to a colleague you trust allows you to enter a conversation free of judgment. Mental health in the workplace is a crucial issue and you must check in with your colleagues about workloads and support needs. Your associates can make you feel appreciated and valued which is a great morale booster. 

Wellbeing impacts all aspects of working life and consequently has a significant positive effect on engagement, retention and business success. Every organisation too must make employee work-life balance a core element of their HR strategy. Because everyone wins when the workforce is motivated and their morale is high. 

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