10 Rules To Get Your Office Dressing Right.

By Dress To Express
10 Rules To Get Your Office Dressing Right.

As ironic as it sounds, dressing up for work is a subtle combination of ‘fitting in’ while ‘standing out’. Power dressing at the workplace creates an everlasting impression and helps cut through the clutter. It is also a way of freely expressing your personal style. 

A certain level of refinement is always expected at the workplace that neither makes you look pedestrian nor avant-garde. There are some unsaid rules when it comes to office dressing that have stood the test of time. 

So be it baseline casual or boardroom attire, here is a failsafe guide to get your office dressing right.

10 Golden Rules To Ace Your Workwear Game

1. Match the workplace vibe:

The first rule is to understand the work culture - whether your office follows a strict code or allows a bit of leeway in the way you dress. Choose outfits that match the vibe of your workplace and it’ll definitely make you feel at ease and a part of the organisation almost immediately.

Match the workwear

2. Remember the basics:

A clean, crisp, monochromatic shirt never goes out of style, especially when it comes to workplaces. While prints and patterns speak strongly about your personality, a single coloured outfit gives you a classy and standard look to carry off easily and in style. 

Remember the workwear basics

3. Wear wrinkle-free

There should always be a discernible difference between your loungewear and work attire. Wrinkle-free attire is an unsaid rule at work and it exudes a sense of elegance.

Wear wrinkle-free

4. Balance casuals with professional wear

Many workplaces permit business casual attire but that does not mean you get to slip in a sloppy zone. Striking a balance between smart casuals for professional workwear is essential. 

Balance casuals with professional wear

5. Consider the fit

Clothing that’s too loose gives you a clumsy personality but you must not go for very tight clothing either. Choose office wear for women that offer the right fit for your body type and embrace the fit.

Consider the fit

6. Mix and match

A very outdated rule is to wear a pair. Regardless of you having an easy or a strict dress code, always aim at adding variety and personality to your outfit. Try mixing and matching different tops and bottoms and overcome the old fashion staple. 

Mix and match

7. Go for polished footwear

The right footwear enhances the look immensely. Etiquette coaches have time and again said that you are seen from bottom to top when you enter a room and not the other way round. Pointed heels emit a powerful aura and it is a smart choice to keep a polished flat pair handy.

Go for polished footwear

8. Do not lapse with the weather

Always dress in a way to favour the weather and also to suit the seasonal styles. Woollens in summers and linen or seersucker in winters may throw you off your D- (dressing) game!

Do not lapse with the weather

9. Choose the colours wisely

Be it raucous patterns or blinding colours, choosing such outfits will make you seem too eccentric at your workplace. Take your pick of clothes as per your day planned, like muted patterns like stripes and checks for meetings and solid bright colours for a relaxed work day. 

Choose the colours wisely

10. Do not resort to cloning

The last and most crucial rule for office dressing is to be distinct and noticeable. Your outfits cannot be a replica of your colleagues and while they may inspire you in various ways, always strive to add your own character to the clothes. 

Do not resort to cloning

With these prescribed styling rules, you can ace the workplace dress game with minimal effort. Your appearance talks volume about who you are and we at Not So Pink hope that following these tips can help you determine appropriate work attire and get your dressing right!