5 Workwear Outfits That Beautifully Marry Comfort & Chic

By Dress To Express
 5 Workwear Outfits That Beautifully Marry Comfort & Chic

Have you ever tried searching for stretchy and breathable formal shirts for women online to wear on a hot summer day? Or thought of being blessed with comfortable sweatpants for a meeting when it is freezing outside? Have you ever found a dri-fit shirt that is work-friendly and prayed that your closet is filled with clothes that provide a free range of motion along with being classy?
It is time to rejoice for your prayers have been answered. Not So Pink brings to you some work essentials that are designed with convenience and comfort in mind. From commute to the desk, these outfits are a must-have in your wardrobe. 

1.  Oversized Blazers

Oversized Blazers

Suiting up is always a classy choice, and with an oversized blazer, it becomes easy to style any outfit. This women workwear piece adds a layer of preppy polish and elevates even the laziest of outfits. It is the perfect piece to throw on when you are in rush. Simply pair it with a camisole or a tee to dress up, and eliminate it to dress down if needed instantly. 

2. High Waisted Dress Pants

High Waisted Dress Pants

Finding relaxed yet formal trousers for women can be a daunting task. But when you find the perfect high waisted dress pants, it acts as your go-to piece for something polished and practical. Find pants that are athletic and made from moisture-wicking material so you can move and live out of them literally. They mimic the cosy appeal of your sweats. 

3. Flared Dresses

Flared Dresses

Dresses have you ready in a snap and if you own a flared one, you can ace the balance of sophistication and comfort you desire. Dressed make you feel like you are still enjoying a steaming cup of coffee and make you look like you are all set to take on the next board meeting. You can check out a range of upmarket formal dress online here and place your order right away!   

4.     Balloon Sleeve Tops 

Balloon Sleeve Tops
Balloon sleeve tops make for apt formal workwear as they are airy and fashionable at the same time. Repurpose them and pair them with wide or straight elegant bottoms and statement accessories for a more refined look. 

5.    Jumpsuits


With a jumpsuit, you dress to express and impress.  They bring in the best of both worlds- off-duty and office-ready. Pair it with kitten heels and add a touch of minimalistic jewellery and be compliment ready at work.
When comfort steps in, most of us feel that chic has to step out. But Not So Pink thinks otherwise. That is why you can find the best office wear for women on our website here. Our garment experts are on a mission to rethink clothes that are worn eight hours a day for five days a week. So, cheers to all-day comfort married to chic and goodbye to old stuffy work wardrobes.