Trending Power Dressing for Women

By Dress To Express
Trending Power Dressing for Women

Women today have penetrated corporate and political circles that were once dominated by men. And power dressing was in emergence to be seen as equal to them.  It is the subtle art of conveying competence and authority through attire and accessories. It is about feeling confident and expressing your true imposing self.

 For long, women workwear were substituted for more conservative choices. But not anymore. Today’s modern woman makes more of a statement than blending in. And Not So Pink brings to you all the various styles that are adopted by women when it comes to power dressing.

 Current Trends In Power Dressing for Women

 1. Pantsuits


 Pantsuits are for those who wish to command authority via fashion. The coordinated blazer and trouser set go from A.M. to P.M. and gives us major boss vibes. They look chic and classy and require little to no effort for styling.  This workwear trend only seems to be getting bigger in the years ahead.

 2. Pencil Skirts And Shirts For Women

Pencil Skirts And Shirts For Women

 This is one style that is all of the three- comfortable, commanding and ladylike. They can be well received by women of all age groups as it gives a more coy and cocooned look. You could easily pair it with shirts and blouses that are popped up with interesting textures comprising of lace, sequins and leather.

 3. Pointed Heels

Pointed Heels

 Heels are an electrifying essential for every woman who wants to stand tall in power. Most assert that shoes make the first impression about a person in the corporate world. And that is why a powerful woman must have heels in her wardrobe if she wants to make an impression. It gives more visibility and convinces all of her strength in the front of the room.

 4. Sharp Dresses

Sharp Dresses

 Claim your seat at the boardroom table in an unbeatable style with dresses. They could be an A-line or mermaid silhouette and could be long or mid-length dresses. They speak up for glamour and at the same time help you stay within the confines of office wear for women.

 5. Collared Shirts And Ties

Collared Shirts and Ties

 Collared attires embolden you and remind you that the power lies in you. It makes one look elegantly professional with not much effort. There are detachable collars also available that can be pinned on any top-wear. Moreover, you can experiment with ties too. For all those years, ties were a masculine accessory, but no more. A tie goes equally well with a businesswoman and becomes a great focal point of an ensemble.

 Power dressing breaks the shackles of male dominance in the work field. The formal workwear for women is becoming more and more frivolous as it should be. If you too associate with being a woman of the new millennium, get shopping for the trendiest women shirts online here.

 Hurry up. It is time to slip into pieces that make you feel empowered!